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The Heli-Ski Experience

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Heli-Skiing is the ultimate in luxury skiing and is available in our very own backyard, the adventure-packed Southern Alps of New Zealand. The amazing snow conditions and long winter season makes the Queenstown and Wanaka area the premier spot to try out this unique experience.


Harris Mountains Heli-Ski cover a wide range of untouched alpine terrain and the team choose the best place to ski each day (depending on weather, snow and wind conditions), all with thrilling slopes and dramatic scenery. The guides are all extremely experienced and certified in avalanche training, so you can relax knowing you’re in safe hands.


The views on the way up in the Helicopter are spectacular and the feeling of landing atop the peak of a mountain is just exhilarating. The chopper perches on the snowy ridge and once everyone is out safely and crouched down, it flies off, leaving you alone amongst the rugged alps and magnificent scenery. The focus here is on enjoying the best snow on offer and the moment you drop down into untouched powder, the adrenaline kicks in. The feeling of being the only people gliding down a fresh slope is just magical.


The day is broken up with a delicious lunch in the middle of the snowy mountains, where you gather together with other teams to refuel and swap stories of the mornings adventures. It’s a chance to relax and really take in your incredible surroundings. After lunch, there’s more terrain to explore before heading back to base in the chopper.


If you’re looking for an exclusive ski experience, are an adrenaline junkie and not afraid of heights, look no further, Heli-skiing is for you!

Our rating: 5/5


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