Furhana Ahmad suddenly stops and hurriedly flaps her arms, urging her rainjacket-wrapped cohorts to freeze where they are. Something is moving amongst Stewart Island’s densely-packed crown fern and, through the gap, emerges a large, feathery backside. When you first see a kiwi in motion, you don’t tend to forget it. New Zealand’s beloved flightless bird moves […]

Moody and gloomy vibes under the clouds verses a tropical rain forrest setting under the sun, Milford Sound has a distinct surreality about it that never fails to disappoint. Often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, Milford Sound is one of New Zealand’s most astonishing natural attractions. This true treasure runs 16km deep into Fiordland National […]

Tramping is a great way to experience the New Zealand landscape. Sure you can rip through the Great Walks but, maybe, that can wait until you turn 70. If you are keen to really experience the New Zealand backcountry, to have a trip to remember the rest of your life, you can get off the […]