Queenstown is one of the liveliest cities for travelers in all of New Zealand. It’s got great food, amazing scenery and sunsets, tons of hikes, nearby wineries, and plenty of activities to give your adrenaline a good jolt. If you dig the vibe, you’ll want a minimum of 2-3 days to get a good feel for Queenstown, and […]

Planning a trip to beautiful Queenstown and need some inspiration on the very best things to see, do and eat? I’ve got you covered with these 18 tips! You’ll find Queenstown an insanely beautiful place but, more than just pretty, it’s got a wild heart. There are so many amazing outdoor activities to try, adrenaline […]

Tramping is a great way to experience the New Zealand landscape. Sure you can rip through the Great Walks but, maybe, that can wait until you turn 70. If you are keen to really experience the New Zealand backcountry, to have a trip to remember the rest of your life, you can get off the […]