One of my favorite things about living in Wanaka, New Zealand, is being off the grid. That is, until I really need to be on the grid, and my closest city is three hours away in Dunedin. I’ve been in and out of Dunedin for meetings, work, friends and for the big city (pop. 127,000 on […]

Escape the city within the city via Dunedin’s Tunnel Beach Walkway! An undemanding 20 minute walkway through farmland is only a small exchange for what you will receive in return. Over the years, the sea has carved the sandstone revealing astounding fossil filled cliff sides. The lush greenery tops off the bright orange cliff sides, to complete […]

Tramping is a great way to experience the New Zealand landscape. Sure you can rip through the Great Walks but, maybe, that can wait until you turn 70. If you are keen to really experience the New Zealand backcountry, to have a trip to remember the rest of your life, you can get off the […]