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HABITAT TOURS If you’re visiting Auckland and haven’t yet checked out the West Coast, then Habitat Tours can take you on the ultimate introduction of the Waitakere Ranges. Highlighting 3 diverse destinations, there is something for everyone. Each tour provides an educational of NZ’s native flora and fauna. First Stop: Muriwai Gannet Colony The west […]

Furhana Ahmad suddenly stops and hurriedly flaps her arms, urging her rainjacket-wrapped cohorts to freeze where they are. Something is moving amongst Stewart Island’s densely-packed crown fern and, through the gap, emerges a large, feathery backside. When you first see a kiwi in motion, you don’t tend to forget it. New Zealand’s beloved flightless bird moves […]

STEP IT UP A “GEAR” IN THE CLUTHA AND CATLINS DISTRICT! Glide past beautiful river gorges, peddle on tracks steeped in history, and race downhill on wild terrain. It’s fair to say that the Clutha district is a worthwhile cycling location. Situated between Dunedin and Invercargill, this area of the South Island encapsulates some stunning scenery and wildlife. […]

One of my favorite things about living in Wanaka, New Zealand, is being off the grid. That is, until I really need to be on the grid, and my closest city is three hours away in Dunedin. I’ve been in and out of Dunedin for meetings, work, friends and for the big city (pop. 127,000 on […]

About six months ago some of my Wellington friends and I decided to cycle the Otago Central Rail Trail. Coming from Dunedin, I love Central Otago and wanted to spend more time there and share the experience with my North Island friends. I booked flights, bike hire and accommodation for the 12 of us to ride […]

“Oamaru? Why would you go on holiday to Oamaru?” These are the words from my mate Liz after viewing my Snapchat story a couple weeks ago. They sum up just about everyone’s feelings when I tell them how much I love Oamaru. Even Kiwis struggle to understand why you’d want to spend any time there, or for that matter […]

Tucked away in the far southwest of New Zealand is a magnificent wonder called Doubtful Sound. Accessible only by mountain pass or sea, makes this mysterious beauty very remote and far from crowed! You may have heard of the more popular Milford Sound, which does seem to steal the limelight from Doubtful, as Milford is much […]

Queenstown is one of the liveliest cities for travelers in all of New Zealand. It’s got great food, amazing scenery and sunsets, tons of hikes, nearby wineries, and plenty of activities to give your adrenaline a good jolt. If you dig the vibe, you’ll want a minimum of 2-3 days to get a good feel for Queenstown, and […]

Planning a trip to beautiful Queenstown and need some inspiration on the very best things to see, do and eat? I’ve got you covered with these 18 tips! You’ll find Queenstown an insanely beautiful place but, more than just pretty, it’s got a wild heart. There are so many amazing outdoor activities to try, adrenaline […]